Nanako & Soramame
Nanako Soramame
Character Information
Gender Girl and Boy
Species Human Children
Birthplace Popukizzu
Likes Nanako likes Cupid, Soramame likes High school Girls
Dislikes Nanako hates Weak People, Soramame hates Violence
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Nanako & Soramame are two Pop'n Music Characters who appear together. They first appear in the Console version of PM5. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Nanako is a fair-skinned girl with big blue eyes and a row of freckles between her eyes. She has bright orange hair composed of a simple tuft of spiked bangs and a pair of pigtails that stick up. 

Soramame is lightly-tanned with glasses and a tuft of spiked, soft green hair.


The popular icons of Popukizzu, A children's program, they may be large and powerful but they are tiny dancing fevers. While they may come off as innocent they seem to be anything but, with Nanako giving secret unground tours of the Production Room while Soramame gives Hobby Room tours. 


Nanako wears a simple magenta dress with a small pocket on each side of the skirt, along with matching magenta flats. 

Soramame wears a pale, sky blue pair of suspenders over a pale yellow shirt. He has matching pale yellow shoes. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Ing youth Kumano Kiyomi Pure PM5



  • Soramame's name translates to "Sky Beans". Which may have come from bean-shaped head and green hair. 






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