Character Information
Gender Male
Species Swan
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

 Nakajima-San is a mysterious new player character in Pop'n Music 2. His player mode is refered as ????.



Nakajima is a white swan with a long curvy neck. He is often seen from the side, giving him the appearance of a number two. He has a golden-orange beak and big black eyes. 


Two must be Nakajima's lucky number, because not only is he shaped like the number "2", he is learning to speak English as well - but, of course, all he can say is "two".

Song ListEdit

He has no songs.


  • Outside of his appearance as a player character, Nakajima technically makes his first appearance as the Number 2 for Pop'n Music 2.
    • This is repeated in Pop'n Music Portable 2.
  • Besides the number two, Nakajima also resembles a swan boat. 
  • On the title screen he can often be found saying tsuu, which means two.
  • Nakajima was considered as a rival character for jubeat crossover Snow Goose, but ultimately Polaris was chosen as the jubeat crossover for pop'n music 17.





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