Murmur Twins
Murmur twins
Character Information
Gender Male and Female
Species Humans
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 10

Murmur Twins are new characters of Pop'n Music 10.


Physical AppearanceEdit

The twins both have clear white skin and oval-shaped black dot eyes. The girl has small eyelashes and rosy cheeks. They both have orange hair, with the boys being a short normal boy cut and the girls slightly longer to stick up on the ends.


While they are both busy, the twins always make time to get together and shoot the breeze, enjoy scenery, and so on.



The girl twin wears a red dress while the boy wears a pale yellow tank-top with a pair of denim pants with pockets below the knee.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Murmur Twins yu_tokiwa.djwmerge.scl.gtr Kadurokoa (Cuddle Core) PM10




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