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Mr. Katucco is a character who first appears in Pop'n Music 13 with the song "Renaissance Jounetsu" by Koizuka Yoshihiko . The theme is Ajikko (味っ子).

Personality Edit

  • Birth Place: Japan
  • Hobbies: Making katsu
  • Dislikes: Buckwheat
  • Birthday: September 28th

Songs Edit

PM 13: Renaissance passion

PM 21: "Daily Lunch Special" by Lucky Vacuum

Appearance Edit

Mr. Katucco is a living bowl of katsu (fried chicken cutlet). His head (the bowl) is light blue and contains rice and fried prawn as well. He has dark blue eyes and eyebrows, which are usually set in a smug, confident expression.

He wears a traditional french chef's uniform, consisting of a toque (traditional hat) a white double-breasted jacket, an apron, orange pants and a neck kerchief, along with white and orange kitchen shoes.

He is most likely Mr. Sobacco's older brother.

Trivia Edit

According to Mr. Katucco's bio, he trained in France to be a chef.

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