Mr. KK
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Ramen, Tranquility
Dislikes Standing Back and Not Doing Anything
Hobbies Shooting Games
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Mr. KK is a character in Pop'n Music. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Mr. KK is a fair-skinned man with black eyes and spiked, dirty-blonde hair that reaches his shoulders. He has a small amount of hair on his face, which acts like a mustache. 


Everyday Mr. KK is cleaning the same building with his boss, who happens to be a relative. But is the opposite side of this "cleaning person" a sniper?!



Mr. KK wears a light blue janitorial suit with a pale skull-alien head depicted on the back with writing surrounding it. He has a fuchsia belt and wears a single white ring on his finger. His shoes are black sneakers with the same skull-alien depicted on the bottom of his foot. He wears a light blue cap to match his uniform and a pair of red and hot pink headphones. He has a light brown mop.

In recolor form, his outfit is black and gray with fuchsia sneakers and sky blue writing on the back of his shirt. His hair is a pale orange and he is seen carrying a bright red mop.  


Here Mr. KK is seen outside of his uniform. He wears a dark teal suit jacket over a black shirt and gray pants with dark gray lines all over it. His shoes are brown-themed and he wears the cap and headphones from his prior appearance. His hair is a little more brown in this game. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Cleaning Song Nishishinzyuku SIMON MAN Percussive PM5
Missing Cat Sakurai Yasushi feat. Kudo PM10
Nishi-Cleaning Song PMBH