Miracle 4
Miracle four
Character Information
Gender All Male
Species Human
Likes Looking at the Moon (Waka), Shooting things and Shiny Stuff (Force)
Dislikes Rain and Hail (Waka)
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 8

 Miracle 4 is an Idol group in Pop'n Music. They were later made seperate characters further down in the series. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Uno is a fair-skinned male with large crimson eyes and curly orange hair. Jitsu is a yellow-skinned male with dark brown eyes and most of his face covered by a white hat. Waka is pale-skinned with slanted black eyes and gray hair worn in a double loop on the top of his head with a veil. The last member is Force, who has tanned skin and pale yellow hair. 


After being chosen as the most popular idol group in the world, Miracle 4 spend their time traveling on a never-ending tour.  Uno is a matador who has lost both of his parents at a young age. His mother was poisoned while his father ran away. He moved to France in hopes of comforting himself and has an ambiguous relation with Jitsu.  Jitsu comes from Saudi Arabia and is pretty spiteful who often gets into trouble or causes it. It is claimed that he has lost one of his hands in the past due to trouble with people in his home land. He joined the Idol group in hopes of ridding of his spiteful-nature.  Force is a cowboy from texas who tends to be somewhat lazy. He loves a good hoedown.  Waka is a quiet, young japanese boy who plays the flute. 



Uno wears a cyan colored matador costume with gold accenting. He has white material covering his lower leg and wears black flats. On his head is a simple black cap with a gold band.  Jitsu wears a pale beige-white outfit covering his body underneath a lavender jacket with orange accenting to match his flat sandals. On his head cloth is a gold band with circles attached to it. He carries a knife with him.  A white Asian-styled top with indigo-blue accenting to match his short pants. He wears dark brown toed sandals with platform wedge.  Force wears a white cowboy top with brown material at the upper-portion of the torso. Underneath is a light purple material. He also wears pale pink denim pants with brown and beige chaps with tassles attached. His boots are solid white. On his head is a pale pink cowboy hat. His belt is dark blue-black with fuchsia buckle and gun holster. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Miracle 4 (Song) Good-Cool World Tour PM8








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