Starting with Pop'n Music 6, Mimi was given alternate forms for each game, not counting her actual design for the game. On this page you can find a list of what these other forms were, along with song, theme, and artist comments.   

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Pop'n Music 6Edit

Image Song Theme Artist Comments
Star Trek American Dreaming of the American Dream, Mimi traveled across the sea alone, leaving Nyami behind. She aims to get into broadway with her amazing tap skills, but is she really okay?
Lupin the 3rd Lupin the 3rd Is Mimi in jail for petty theft? No matter, she can escape easily with stealthy steps.
Rosie Mimi
Candy Candy Candy Introducing a brand new costume, Mimi dons some cute red ribbons. They match well no? Surrounded by rose petals this young girl dreams about becoming a young lady all the time...
Yatta Mimi
Yattaman no Uta Yattaman Mimi is busy with the developement of a Pop'n Mecha. She is devoted without fail and has only caused one explosion. So it's okay right?!


Ondo It's summer! It's a marching song! It's Pop'n! Yeah! All the Pop'n Charas are going to the Lantern Festival dance with everyone! But, somebody seems to be more worried about the food stands than dancing...
Suimen Busoku by the Parquets Kiteretsu (Eureka) A sleep deprived Mimi who wishes to do this every day. Is her alarm clock in bad condition too?
Mimi gun

Pop'n Music 7Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Mimi Seven
Seven no Uta Our newest addition to justice, the clothing is pretty unique~!
Thinking of You~
Hajimete no chuu (First Kiss) Kiteretsu 2 I cant sleep at night because of you~. Mimi is absentmindedly sitting on a bed.
Uchuu Senkan Yamato by Isao Sasaki Yamato Mimi plays the dashing space Captain. How long before we reach our next destination~?

Pop'n Music 8Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Touch by Sanae Shintani Touch Nyami is singled out as the hero across the whole country! The rule of transformation is to strike a cool pose!
Mimi Soccer
Burning Hero by Kidajiro Soccer The soccer team formed around the time of Pop'n Music 4 will win this time! Mimi and Nyami have recruited all of their friends
Curry Mimi
Indian Plan in Japan by Muscle Girl Band Curry She is the Mimi that discovered the curry of Indian Mountain depths. Is the flavour good enough to taste like heaven?
Trauma Mimi
Shaka by Muscle Girl Band Trauma Punk The other day, Mimi dreamed a strange dream. However, she didn't remember it much. 

Mimi's Parents (Trauma Punk) will be played as Jesse Colson, Will's brother who helps him on his family situation on Pop'n Music Unstoppable The Movie!

Mimi Cook
100sec. Kitchen Battle! by Orange Lounge Special Cooking Today, let's start cooking with special cook Mimi! With her help, it will be delicious. 

Pop'n Music 9Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Mimi costume
For Whom The by Hiroaki Takeuchii 009 Her yellow muffler hangs and blows in the wind. Fight today! Fight tomorrow!

Pop'n Music 10Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comment
Mimi Invader
House wife Mimi
Mimi in Sweden

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comments
Mimi Baker
Mimi school
Mimi Nostalgia

Pop'n Music 12Edit

Picture Song Theme Artist Comments
Mimi Creamy
I have liked the delicate by Ray Akiba Creamy (Kuryimi)
Mimi 12
Mimi Eva
Cruel Angel's Thesis by Yoko Takahashi Eva
Mimi Bath
Bubble Bath Girl by Three Berry Icecream Bubble Bath Girl

Pop'n Music 13Edit

Picture Song Title Theme Artist Comments
BAROQUE HOEDOWN Eletrical Parade