Character Information
Gender Female
Species Anthro Rabbit/Bunny
Birthday March 3rd
Birthplace Japan
Likes Rabbit-based Goods, Theme Parks, Ice cream
Dislikes Tomato Juice
Hobbies Gossip, Shopping
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Mimi is one of the two icon Characters from Pop'n Music, the other being Nyami, her best friend. As an Icon character, Nyami makes many appearances in every game and appears in plenty of merchandising. 

Debuting as a Player character, Mimi did not gain a song until PM5.

To see alternate Mimi persona view this page: Mimi (Other Forms)


Physical AppearanceEdit

Mimi is a pale, cream-colored rabbit/bunny with big pupil-less dark green eyes. She has long Sangria-brown hair worn in thin, long braided pigtails and straight cut bangs. She has a tiny brown oval nose and while lacking a tail, she has large rabbit ears usually pointing up. 

Being best friends with Nyami, Mimi will often be found dressed like her - several times using an alternate color scheme. She tends to like girlier outfits and costumes, but can often be found in boyish attire for her main look.


A major chatterbox and best friend of the equally lively Nyami. The two of them always perform together on Television and hang out, but Mimi also uses her time to make her own plans and schedules. She likes to brainstorm new ideas for them to do and often thinks up a bunch.

Between the two friends Mimi appears to be the girliest. She loves to shop and is usually found in cute outfits compared to the tomboyish-theme with Nyami's. She seems to be softer of the two, but is not very shy or quiet. Sometimes she does like to try going for boy's roles though, and like Nyami, seems to have fun. 

Mimi is always out seeking new fun or thrills. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

A blue T-shirt with red piped lining and a BM icon on the chest. Her denim jeans were worn with a pair of black and white sneakers. In an alternate image she wore a white top under a blue and red jacket, the same jeans, and red and white sneakers. 

In an image for this game Mimi was shown wearing a plain white top with a bright orange jacket, brown jeans, and orange and white sneakers.

Pop'n Music 2Edit

A white T-shirt with red sleeves and a teal star at the center. Her jeans and shoes remain. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

A denim jumper with golden-orange shoes. Her shirt is purple.  

Pop'n Music 4Edit

A forest-green soccer uniform with POPPERS wrote in white above a white star. Thin white lining traces the top, while her sneakers and jeans remain.       

Pop'n Music 5Edit

A dark blue T-shirt with thin yellow stripes at the sleeves. A bunny skull is depicted on the torso. She also wore baggy red denim pants, black and white shoes, and a yellow neck scarf.

Her alternative outfit is a white and ice-blue striped shirt, red scarf, and white jeans with blue and white shoes. 

Pop'n Music 6Edit

A loose, hot pink top with a lightning bolt and writing on the torso. The collar was blue. Her normal dark blue denim pants and shoes remain. Attached to her right pocket is a beaded strap, while a yellow and green hoop earring is inserted into her right ear. 

Pop'n Music 7Edit

A white shirt with green neck and sleeves. On her right wrist was a right wristband. Her normal jeans were worn with red and white shoes. 

Pop'n Music 8Edit

Mimi's normal outfit consist of a blue camo shirt with black lining and a small star in the corner, plain jeans, and sneakers.

Pop'n Music 9Edit

The Pop'n Cafe Uniform.

Pop'n Music 10Edit

A cute witch outfit composed of a white frilled dress-blouse with a green clover on the chest that was worn with her normal pants and sneakers. On her head is a black witches cap with a thick raspberry band around the center. She was shown holding a star wand.

Another outfit she was shown to wear is composed of a red and white spotted shirt, normal pants, and her sneakers. Her witch cap gains a yellow band around the middle, while her cloak was held with a clover strap piece. 

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Mimi wears a white T-shirt with two green stripes with a blue one in the center. Along with gray jean shorts and sneakers.

Pop'n Music 12Edit

A chinese-inspired outfit composed of a White long-sleeved shirt with purple lining, black shorts, and sneakers. She pulled a small amount of hair into a bun held with a purple flower, with her pigtail braids still remaining loose. She was shown carrying a ball.

In a Christmas song, Mimi is shown wearing a red sweater with a white collar that had tiny pom-poms attached to it. She wore a plain white skirt with brown boots, and a Santa cap with a star on the side. 

Pop'n Music 13Edit

Mimi is seen in a jester-inspired costume. One side is sky blue, while theo ther is blue and white square tile. Down the center are three fuchsia buttons, while the collar and cuff are white. The sleeves and cap are opposite colored from the outfit; with the right ear and sleeve being blue, while the left side is sky blue. She also wears a pair of white bloomers and neon yellow tights with a pair of blue boots. On her left ear is a small fuchsia popper.

Pop'n Music 14Edit

Pop'n Music Sunny ParkEdit

A cyan tank top with a thick white collar around the neck consisting of green and blue lines. Comes with white puffy shorts, yellow and green striped pantyhose, and brown shoes. She wore a reddish-brown bracelet on her wrist and a fluffy white cloud-shaped hat with a small leafy stem on the side. She carried a pale gray camera. 

Song ListEdit

Song Title Game By Theme
POP-STEP-UP Pop'n Music 5 Soundroid Lesson
Princess Piccolo Pop'n Music 10 Butapunch Philharmonic Orchestra Fairy-Tale


Pop'n Music 1Edit

  • Dances to the side
  • When doing good strikes a pose
  • When doing bad she turns away with a upset expression.

Pop'n Music 2Edit

Pop'n Music 3Edit

  • Normal movement involves moving her hips a bit while moving a thumbs up hand up and down.
  • When doing good she'll face the screen and raise her hands up


  • As the two resemble each other, it is not exactly known of their relationships. Some hints would imply that Mimi may have feelings for Nyami: 
  1. Mimi was shown to own a few dolls of Nyami. 
  2. In the song Hajimete no Chu (first kiss), she is shown thinking about Roller Coasters while holding her Nyami doll. The signifigance in this is that Nyami loves roller coasters. 
  3. When paired rogether for some songs, the two will have opposite gendered roles or it will be romance themed. 
  • Unlike most rabbit characters, Mimi does not seem to have an obsession with Carrots. 
    • She does, however, like rabbit-themed goods.
  • Mimi was born on Girls Day, also known as Hinamatsuri, a special Doll festival held in Japan. 
  • Mimi's name may have been inspired by the meaning of the word Mimi in Japan, this being Ears. As a rabbit she has very noticeable ears. 
  • Mimi has a weakness for cute accessories.
  • Mimi is younger than Nyami by one month and five days. 
  • Mimi will be played as Will Colson the Train Conductor on Pop'n Music Unstoppable The Movie!



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