Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Sweets, Dentist Work, Helping Animals
Dislikes Cavities
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 8

 Milk is a Pop'n Music Character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Milk is a pale-skinned girl with large black eyes. She has soft pink hair worn in pigtails held with strawberry clips and straight cut bangs.


Milk is a sweet girl who works six hours a day at the Dentist Office. She is somewhat lazy and lives alone in an apartment, and can usually be found indulging her sweet tooth. However she has a tendency to accidentally give herself cavities. 

She also happens to be searching for love. Her ideal mate is someone who is "Warm, a bit sensitive, does not mind crying, and everyone is disillusioned by him".



Milk wears a white dress lined in hot pink with a red diagonal belt around her waist. She has tall white boots with red cuffs and hot pink colored bottom and heel. On one arm is a bandage. She wears a pink and white split nurses cap and a heart pin on the side of her chest.


Milk wears a fuchsia kimono with a white heart design. Below her chest is a light orange band with tiny yellow flowers, red rope holding it together, and two yellow flowers. She keeps her heart pin at her chest and wears her hair with two circled orbs resembling an orange and tomato for each pigtail. She has black toed socks worn with hot pink and white platformed sandals. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
♥Love²Sugar→♥ Dj TAKA feat. Noria Euro Beat PM8
Kotatsu no Mikan Kumiko Ishizaka and Yuei Uematsu Nyoro Rock PM12



  • Milk's panties are visible in PM8 depending on the animation.