Plushes make up a big deal of this series. Many characters have at least one and some have many, but a lot of them seem rather cheap in comparison to some of the other older ones. Some new versions of unpopular character can be bought for a couple hundred yen while older version of popular characters can sell for tens of thousands of yen. Despite this, all but a couple of Pop'n Music plushes are prize plushes (usually from crane/UFO games) and were never actually officially sold anywhere but they can be found on auction sites and furima (flea markets).


  • (August 1999) Konami released a few sets of plushes in 1999 (All based on Pop'n Music 1 designs):
    • A big version of Mimi and Nyami
    • Mimi, Nyami, The KING, Dino, and Kraft
    • Mimi, Nyami, The KING, Dino, and Kraft towel hangers. These are essentially the same as the plushes above except that they hold plastic rings that you can hang towels on.
    • Mimi, Nyami, and Dino in Santa costumes
  • (November 2001) Ash, Yuli, Smile, Reo-kun, Sugi-kun, and Pierre & Jill based on their Pop'n Music 4 designs
  • (2003) Roku, Mimi (witch version), Nyami (witch version), Poet, Tran, John A. Chopper, Zizz, Souji, Mimi (version from "おしえて"/"Oshiete"), Nyami (version from "にんげんっていいな"/"Ningen tte iina"), Yoshio, and Space Maco. All based on their Pop'n Music 10 designs.
  • (2005) Mimi and Nyami in their jester outfits from Pop'n Music 13. Official Konami Site.
  • (August 10th, 2007) Mimi (PM 15), Nyami (PM 15), Belle (PM 5), Liddell (PM Best Hits!). Unlike the plushes that came before, these plushes come in a sitting position and can't be made to stand. Official Konami site.
  • (January 31, 2008) Mimi (PM 8), Nyami (PM 8), Rie-chan (PM 13), Sanae-chan (PM 13). These plushes are unique in that they're dress-up dolls. You can take off all their clothes and dress them in each other's clothes, clothes from other dolls, or custom clothes you made yourself. Official Konami site.
  • (June and August 2009) Different sized Shishamo plushes.
  • (December 25, 2009) A large plush of Ash in his dog form.
  • (2011? 2012) 2 Paku that come in 1P and 2P colors.
  • (2012 - Ongoing) The Pugyutto series of plushes made by Eikoh. Official site.
    • (Vol. 1: July 4th, 2012) Sumire (PM 6 CS), Milk (PM 8), Lotte (PM 13 CS), Alicia
    • (Vol. 2: July 4th, 2013) Kagome (PM 16), Poet (PM 20), Knit (PM 19)
    • (Vol. 3: September 3rd, 2013) Zizz (PM 7), Roku (PM 18), Timer (PM 16)
    • (Vol. 4: November 4th, 2013) Rinka, Retsu, Fuga, Hiumi (All are based on PM Sunny Park designs)
    • (Vol. 5: December 4th, 2013) Goku-Sotsu-Kun, Ninjin, Ichinomyo
    • (Vol. 6: March 3rd, 2014) ALT 2.0 (PM 19), Minit's (PM Sunny Park), Shoko (PM Sunny Park)
    • (Vol. 7: April 4th, 2014) Knit (PM 20), Jomanda, Shion
    • (Vol. 8: July 3rd, 2014) DJ Yoshitaka and Sota Fujimori as VENUS
    • (Vol. 9: October 3rd, 2014) Pop'n Music Lapistoria versions of Mimi and Nyami
    • (Vol. 10: December 4th, 2014) Nia (PM Lapistoria), Usanuko, Kaorin
    • (Vol. 11: March 3rd, 2015) One, Whip, Pochiko
    • (Vol. 12: May 5th, 2015) Akane, Takuto, Gerhard