Miniature FigurinesEdit


Developed by Eikoh under their "Pugyutto Collection" brand of figurines, these chibified miniatures come in a variety of your favorite Pop'n Characters. Each box includes images of the character and the others included in their Volume and reaches about 3.5 inches in height - with each figurine about 2.75 inches. 


Vol. 1 Edit

  • Mimi
  • Judy
  • Yuli

Vol. 2

  • Nyami
  • Tsurara
  • Ash

Vol. 3

  • Smile
  • Rie-chan
  • Reo-kun

Vol. 4

  • Sugi-kun
  • MZD
  • Sanae-chan

Vol. 5

  • Wilhelm
  • Black
  • Jack

Vol. 6

  • Retsu
  • Hiumi

Vol. 7

  • Fuga
  • Rinka

SP Set (Deuil members re-release)

  • Yuli
  • Ash
  • Smile



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