Much like any other popular series, or even not so popular series. Pop'n Music has developed its own merchandise. Many types ranging from Soundtracks to clothing articles. This page tells of the many items that have been found so far. Note that it may not be perfectly correct and is always accepting images to be added And if the section becomes big enough its own page shall be made.

Character booksEdit


One of the earlier Character books

Common among many series are book series filled with extra information, old art, or just random things you wouldn't exactly find in the series. Usually these are Japanese exclusive items unless an English version is popular in which case they are made or translated on the internet.

The Pop'n Music art books are strictly Character related. They list small character pieces, name, music type, alternate colors, and snapshots of their screen animations. Six books have been released so far and they cover every Pop'n Music game up to HELLO! POP'N MUSIC. Oddly enough, they are not released in the order of the games they cover:

  1. AC 10~13 CARNIVAL, CS BEST HITS!, 8~12 IROHA (Released July 7th, 2006)
  2. AC 14 FEVER!, 15 ADVENTURE, CS 13 CARNIVAL, 14 FEVER! (Released November 22, 2007, pictured to the left)
  3. AC & CS pop'n music 1~5 + pop'n stage (Released April 25th, 2008)
  4. AC 16 PARTY♪, 17 THE MOVIE (Released December 11th, 2009)
  5. AC 6~9 & CS 6~7 (Released February 4th, 2010)
  6. AC 18 SENGOKU RETSUDEN,19 TUNE STREET,HELLO! POP’N MUSIC, CS PSP Portable 1&2,Wii Pop'n Music,Utatchi (Released April 18th, 2012)

Soundtrack CD'sEdit

Also common in series, almost all of them have one. A CD full of the songs made, or used in a series.



Milk keychain

Milk Keychain

  • A Pop'n Calendar was introduced around 2008, it came with one of the Character books.
  • Keychains of the characters are getting more expensive now as they have stopped being made. They come in flat form and "3D" form.
  • Pins are also popular and easy for anyone to make.
  • Amuse cards, Stationary, and flyers/posters have also been made.
  • Some objects under the name, Pop'n Music Airlines have been spotted. But as they don't have any logo's or Pop'n characters on them, this may just be coincidental.
  • Cellphone straps, another common piece from series.


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Figures Edit

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Other Toys Edit

  • A small lego like Nyami and Mimi toy was given as a special toy at a convention. (See below)