Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Rocky, A certain guy <3
Dislikes When her crush is mean to her
Hobbies Making Sweets, Taking Rocky for walks
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 Megumi Hayakawa is a character in Pop'n Music 3


Physical AppearanceEdit

Megumi is a little girl with fair-skin and big black eyes. She has long brown hair that curls on end to match her bangs. 

As Magical Megu she becomes an older girl with long sapphire colored hair and eyes.  


An elementary school student who crushes on an older boy in her neighborhood, Takayama. However he is pretty mean to her and seems to be aware of a girl named Hitomi Saionji, who is also crushing on him. 

By saying "I want to grow up quickly!" she will change into a lady at night if she has the power. Her best friend is Yumi-chan. 


Megumi wears a long sleeved dress of hot pink with the collar, cuff, and accenting white. She wears matching flats with a long pair of white socks, and wears a pink flower hair ornament. She is seen carrying a pink heart-shaped tambourine. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Koi no Charade (Love Charade) Parquets Majikarugaru PM3


Pop'n Music 3Edit

  • Normal - Sways her hip on one side.
  • Great - She becomes Magical Megu and gains her crushes attention. 
  • Good - A magical transition appears. 
  • Bad - Her crush appears with Hitomi while Megumi is seen crying on the window.
  • When the gauge is full Magical Megu is seen to be raising a magical rod.


  • Megumi is one of the first young children to appear in the series.
  • The name of her adult form, Magical Megu, could possibly be a reference to the anime Majokko Megu-chan.
  • Originally the character that became Megumi was a green-haired girl named Miki. According to what was said, Miki was a much more active girl.
    • Another girl was also the basis for Megumi, one named Yuka, who had been theorized as a fashionable witch.