Character Information
Gender Female and Male
Species Puppets
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 6
 Mebae is a Pop'n Music duo. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Tall, white-skinned puppets resembling humans with black dot-eyes. Both have very short black hair and flat, lanky bodies.They both have a stick on the top of their head with an upside down triangle on the tip. 


Dancing around the social world, two people that don't understand things and say that they don't, that is Mebae. They're ignoring gravity and without thinking about their steps and the surrealistic world, looking in each others eyes. They might lose this, not being able to do it.

They have recently entered the world ball dancing tournament.

Zizz is the one who created these puppets and brought them to life, which is revealed on his animations.


PM6 Edit

The woman wears a white top with a short red skirt seperated by a black band. She also wears hot pink heels and white gloves. On her head is a raspberry beret with a black feather attached.

The male wears a black tuxedo with white shoes. 


The Woman wears a black blouse with a long red skirt with white dot print and frills. She wears red maryjane heels and white gloves. A big red bow is on the top of her head. 

The male wears a red top with black pants and white suspender straps. He has a white tie at his neck and white shoes. 


The Woman has grown her hair out and wears it with a yellow and hot pink crown. She wears a fuchsia dress with ivy-green and white striped sleeves to match the lines on her skirt. The center is white. 

The male wears a purple tuxedo top with a long cape-like tail attached to it. At the neck is a white two-layer cravat and gold buttons beneath it. His pants and shoes are black, while on his head is a blue cap with a feather attached. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Denpa no Kurashi Q-Mex feat. Freddie Hatae Modernism PM6
In The Mood Highso PM9
La Peche du Pierrot Q-Mex Hinamatsuri PM12



  • In Pop'n Music 12 they resemble Japanese dolls.