Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 6
 May is a Pop'n Music Characters. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

May isa pale brown-tan skinned girl with deep blue eyes worn with blue eye shadow. She weas pink lipstick and has bright orange hair pulled into a curvy bun.  


A mysterious, enigmatic woman. Last month her name was April, next it will be June. Her duties are carried out with an almost dangerous charm, but is she up to bad? 

During Summer a mysterious orient known as July appears on street corners. Wasn't her name June last month? 


PM6 Edit

May wears a short hot pink dress with fluffy blue trim around the neck and bottom. She wears plain hot pink heels and a big blue butterfly clip on the side of her hair to match her dark blue earring. 


As July, May has let her hair out of the ponytail but she wears the same hair clip and makeup, while her earring is very pale blue to match her tights. She wears a blue gradient dress with a split on each side of the leg with cyan, above the elbow gloves and dark blue heels. 


As June, she dyes her hair yellow and has cut it all off. Her white earrings are worn with the same makeup and butterfly hair clip. She wears a short cyan dress with a hot pink butterfly on the side, along with above the knee white boots and a long red scarf. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Midnight Yoghurt Simon Man Moody PM6
Feux d'artifica Latin Piano PM8
Cutie Honey Kaori Nishi Family Cutie PM10



  • In PM8. May is named July. Meaning that PM8 may just take place 2 months after PM6. And in the next game she is named June, meaning it has almost been a year (if not more) in game time.