Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Likes Suama (Candy made from hot water, non-glutinous rice flour and sugar.)
Dislikes Spiders; because their legs creep her out.
Hobbies Dancing, Arcade Rhythm Games
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Mary first appeared in the first Pop'n Music game as a playable character in the game. Since then she has continued to act as a Player Character, but has gained some songs of her own. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Mary is a dark-skinned girl of mixed-race descent. She has brown eyes and very fluffy brown hair normally worn in an afro. The color of her hair and eyes darkens or lightens between games, as does the shape and size of her hair. 

She has been also seen to have grey or black eyes. 


As a dancer, Mary is both a close-friend and rival of fellow dancer, Judy. While Judy is bright and upbeat, Mary appears to be far more mysterious about her personal life. She is well known and often complimented for her great dance skills though, and she has become highly prideful of herself. But she is usually regarded as a nice person, too. 

With all of the work she puts into dancing, she really enjoys having Judy to hang out with and have fun. But she does find herself nervous when more dancers start to show up, she keeps up her work trying to invent new special dance moves to show-off during the Dance Program she is in. She has also befriend another rival dancer known as AYA


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Mary wore a pale, ice blue tube top with baggy black pants and sneakers. She wore gold jewelry composed of a bracelet, belly-button ring, and earrings.

Pop'n Music 2Edit

Here, Mary wears a cyan tank top with a navy-blue jacket tied around her waist. Her pants appear less-baggy, while her sneakers gain red coloring to them. Her jewelry stayed the same. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

In this game it appears that Mary and Judy have switched color-schemes. She wears a black top with white sleeves and collar, with a small white star at the center of the chest. Her crimson pants have a single white line going down the side of each leg, while she wears the same shoes from last time. Her jewelry is now silver, save for the now small, dark purple bracelet.  

Pop'n Music 4Edit

Mary's jewelry has become gold again. While her top is pink and red striped with a red wristband, plain black denim pants, and her same sneakers. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Mary wears a bright cyan tank top with string tied around her neck and a single strap behind her back, exposing it. Below her shoulder is a thin band, while her jewelry is gold again. She wore denim pants with cyan and white sneakers, and a red belt with the strap hanging from the right side. She has a white pearl bracelet on her left wrist. 

Mary's recolor wears a white top with pink pants, lavender sneakers, and purple belt. 

Pop'n Music 8 Edit

Mary's skin gains a yellowish-tinge in this game and her eyes have become black. Her hair is lengthened in a way making it resemble a puffy "down" cut with a white headband. She wears a black bikini top with a thin armband below the shoulder, pants with teal, ivy-green, and light blue coloring in a zig-zag style, and a pair of black and white sneakers. Her jewelry is still gold.

Pop'n Music 9Edit

In this game Mary's skin has returned to it's usual tanned coloring while her hair has tightened up a bit and is worn with a blue head scarf. She wears a white top with khaki-green denim pants and teal sneakers. Her jewelry remains gold, and she has a white wristband on.

Pop'n Music 13Edit

Mary wears her thick hair mostly towards the side with a white cloth that has thin peach, green, and dark blue designs. She wears a white tube-top and a pair of very pale pink denim pants with a royal blue belt. Her sneakers are pink and white, while her earrings and belly-button ring are white. 


Name Artist Theme Game
Joy Reddy Yoko Duappu (Do Up) PM4
Kiyommi + Seiya Pride PM9
Your Captive Mademoiselle Seine Water Step PM13


Pop'n 1Edit

  • Normal - a step dance with a clap between the steps. 
  • Wins - Raises her hands to cheer.
  • Loses/Doing Bad - A weight with 16 printed onto it falls on her head. 
  • Spins around with a pose


  • Mary is the third character with someone copying her move set, the first two would be Nyami and Mimi. She is followed by Sanae and Rie-chan , and Reo-kun and Sugi-kun.
    • Unlike those pairs however, she does not resemble Judy or AYA. However, she does gain two girls who resemble recolors of her who also originally had the same animations. This being Rave Girl and Tourmaline.
  • While Mary is the official spelling of the name, Maree and Mairi have also appeared.
  • Mary has tried to force the KING to eat Natto.
  • Her name, as well as Judy's, seems to be inspired from a Japanese Band named JUDY AND MARY.