Margaret first appears in Pop'n Stage. Her song is Love Is Strong To The Sky by SAORI. The theme is Girly.

Girls Band Vocalist


A very energetic American girl who is the vocalist in a girls band. Aiming to be a professional artist, she has been auditioning recently. However, her father has been fighting with her a lot since she's joined the band and she does not like it at all...

  • Birthplace: America
  • Hobbies: Collecting flyers and displaying them in her room.
  • Likes: Singing in the band, of course!
  • Dislikes: Spiders. Oh, and fighting with Dad when I'm in the band recently.

Song ListEdit

  • PnS: Love Is Strong To The Sky


Margaret is a light-skinned girl with big blue eyes and freckles. Her hair is blond with neatly brushed outward bangs. Her hair is about chest length and curls upward in big spirals. Margaret wears a green-teal dress pale pink spots and knee length pink shoe-styled boots. She also has cream colored sunglasses and a matching purse.



  • She has a recolor character named Yuri-chan.
  • Love Is Strong To The Sky was originally Rie-chan's song in Pop'n Music 2.


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