Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Likes Cappuccino
Dislikes Messing With Bikes
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Makoto is a character in Pop'n Music. He is Cyber's brother. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Makoto is a tanned-skin young man with big dark brown-black eyes. He has pale orange hair that spikes outward and is worn with a dark brown cowboy hat. 


Like Cyber, Makoto has an interest in the creative field. He is a worker at home with a hair salon he set up, but during his spare time he enjoys stopping by coffee shops and touring new locations. 



A green jacket that appears opened near the bottom, along with a pair of dark blue jeans and dark gray flats with white bottoms. The lapel of his top is turqoise.

In recolor form Makoto has light brown skin and dark, dull green hair. His eyes are a golden-orange color. He wears a dark blue top with black lapel and pants. His shoes are gray and white.  


Here Makoto appears with a fresh, and brighter appearance. He seems to be a little younger between the two designs, and his hair is lengthened a bit and is worn with a pale beige cap with a dark band around the center. He wears a white short sleeved top with a single button holding it shut, along with dark blue denim pants and white flats. He wears a brown and white wristband on his left wrist and has a light yellow item carrier hanging from the right. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Kimi ga suki da yo ~mamotte mamotte ageru kara (I Love You- I'll defend to protect) Atsushi Shindo Power Aco PM5
New Days Ko-Saku Posi Aco PM12