Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human God
Birthplace Aoki Town, Amazon Basin
Likes The idea of staying Young Forever
Dislikes Very Little
Hobbies Climbing Trees
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 MZD is a Pop'n Music Character. His official appearance is marked as PM5, but he has been found in earlier games. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

MZD appears to be a teenage boy with a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes and shoulder length burgandy hair that flips on the ends. A devilish spirit lurks behind him.  


The God of the Pop'n World. He is mysterious and while he has expressions that make him appear evil or mischevious, he is actually calm and cool and not angry in the least bit. He works as a DJ and is highly nonchalont about things. However, he can become obsessive over his work and perfecting it. 

Shadow StatsEdit

  • Power: A
  • Speed: A
  • Range: ∞
  • Stamina: A
  • Accuracy: C
  • Growth potential: E
  • Maximum length: 100m
  • Minimum length: 0.0001mm



An orange and white parka with loose hazel-colored shorts and a pair of tall black and white sneakers with white socks. He had on an orange belt and wore a deep blue cap. His sunglasses were orange with purple lense. 


MZD wears a black cap with dark indigo sunglasses that have black lense. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a cyan vest with red writing on the left side of the torso. He also wears loose black shorts with a loose hot pink belt strap, dark gray gloves, and black sneakers with gray socks and white strings and bottoms. The spirit behind him is a deep indigo.

Recolored, his hair is brown with a deep blue cap and sunglasses of orange and deep blue. His sleeves are white while the torso is orange and the writing purple. His shorts are ivy-green while the belt strap is deep blue. His sneakers remain the same but with white and red striped socks to match his scarf. The spirit behind him is dark blue. 


He wore a pale cream cap with orange and blue sunglasses and a red and black top. On his head was a pair of black headphones. 


MZD has four color variants that appear depending on which song he is playing at the time. For one song he has a brown-grayscale. In another he has tanned skin with white sunglasses and hat while his outfit is yellow, red, dark teal, and black. In another he has a green-theme, and in the last he has a blue-theme with motone hues. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Shower of the Blossom Edo TEYAN-Day Mix Takata Kaori ENKA PM5
Cry Out (Superior Mix), Manicure Clear Moonlight Mix, Miracle Moon ~Ledlight Style Mix~, DRAGON DANCE Revision 2, Edo Shower of Blossom TEYAN-Days Mix PM7
Votum Stellarum Iconoclasm (dj TAKA/wac) Anthem Trance PM10