Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Likes Cake, Snowboarding
Dislikes Mathematics, Gloominess
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Lisa is a Pop'n Music Character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Lisa has long blonde hair worn in fluffy pigtails. Her eyes are turqoise. 


A school girl idol with a great career. She has a lot of tension to deal with and while she is still new to the entertainment industry, she is well known. She is often singing at Karaoke lounges or making ring-tones.


She wears a light chiffon yellow T-shirt with red lining and a pair of baggy denim short-pants. Her hazel flats with white bottoms are worn with white leg warmers, which also have red lining to match the straps of her pants. She wears cyan earrings.

Recolored Lisa has pink eyes with mauve hair and gold earrings. Her top is orange with green lining, while her pants are brown. Her shoes are royal blue. This is ee'Mall Lisa.


Lisa switches her yellow top for a plain white one. But everything else remains the same. 


She wears a very different outfit, consisting of a pink t-shirt, white shorts, and white boots with pink fur. She also has white and green bracelets and a rainbow necklace.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
What Just Happened?! High-Tension PM5
Shiritori Straight PM8
Brave TERRA Ee'Mall 2nd Avenue (PM11)
Miracle Flyer TERRA Hyper J-Party Rock PM16







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