Liddell 11
Kanji リデル
Romaji Rideru
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Zombie
Birthplace A basement [1] in the United Kingdom[2]
Likes Tea time at midnight, an antique doll that was found in the Southern Province
Dislikes Cats!
Hobbies Napping
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music Best Hits

Liddell is a character who appears in Pop'n Music 11.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Liddell is an undead girl composed entirely of black skin and very pale blue eyes. She has long curly hair that was originally depicted as pale blue, but has since become blonde. She dresses in Lolita clothing.


The talk of the B-Horror Movie World, Liddell is a popular gothic lolita. She has recently traveled to France to check out a romantic Zombie Opera.



Originally, Liddell was depicted with pale blue hair and large dull red eyes. She wore a very pale pink and black bonnet with black flowers attached to it. She wore a black dress with puffy, dark blue sleeves with white frilly cuffs to match her stockings. Her shoes are plain black mary-janes.


Liddel trades her red eyes and blue hair, for very pale blue eyes and blonde hair. She switches from Gothic Lolita to a Sweet Lolita look, composed of a very pale pink-white sun hat with pink flowers pinned to it. Her dress is pale pink with short sleeves and a row of buttons on a white frilled bib on her chest. Her stockings remain, but her shoes are now pink flats. She carries a pink frilly umbrella with her. 

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
GALAXY FOREST 11.6 & 12 J Kane Screen PMBH
Recollection of the Troubadours Richard Akida French Fairy Tale PM11








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