Pm2 Kraft
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Robot?
Birthplace Russia?
Likes Eel Pie, Pretty Girls
Dislikes Anpan, Takoyaki
Hobbies General House work? Cutting corners?
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 Kraft? is a character in Pop'n Music 2


Physical AppearanceEdit

A deep purple robot with yellow eyes. On the top of his head is a white button, and near the bottom is an orange mark, which continues to trail around the upper torso. At the stomach is a white and cyan colored object with a red button in the center, matching the shoulder and head pieces. The lower arm is orange, cyan, and red, with the hand being yellow, while the leg is orange, cyan, and red. The foot and lower leg appears to be yellow with a platform boot styled shape. 


An all-purpose helper robot made in Russia- what, this guy? Why does he have fasteners? Perhaps he is not the real Kraft.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Young Dream Little Fingers Rap PM2
Smile the Night Away Scotty D Pop Rap PM2


Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Normal - dances like Uncle Jam.
  • Great - dances less robotically than in PM1.
  • Good - Raises one arm while the other stays between his thighs. 
  • Bad - Same as Uncle Jam from PM1.
  • When gauge is full a frog appears on his head.
  • His post-song animation reveals his true identity.


  • Kraft? is actually Uncle Jam in a costume.
    • This makes him the first imitation character in the series. 




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