Koumori Otoko is a character who appears in Pop'n Music 21. His song is titled "鳥無き島にて (Without birds at the island)" by Asaki. The theme is Exciting Rock.

Personality Edit

Koumori Otoko is a mysterious gentleman with unknown origins. He seems flighty and mischievous, changing his demeanor and presentation at will.

Song List Edit

  • PM21:鳥無き島にて

Appearance Edit

Koumori wears a white tailored suit and a Panama hat of the same hue. His skin is pale grey and he has black hair, which is depicted as slicked-back and styled into horns when he is shown without his hat. His eyes are blue and his sclera is portrayed as being a slightly lighter shade of blue than his pupils at times. In his fever animation, he transforms and is shown wearing a black suit, mask, and bat wings.

Animation Edit

Koumori Otoko full ani

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