Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Paris France
Likes Cute Boys, Jewels
Dislikes Collision, Common Sense
Hobbies Touring. Visiting the beach during weekends
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 Koko is a Pop'n Music character. She is the twin sister of Chanel and Elle.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Koko happens to resemble both of her sisters, being the same size and shape as Chanel, but with long hair and appearance of Elle. Like her sisters she wears a pair of sunglasses to cover her eyes. She has long, straight gold hair with spiked bangs.  


In comparison to her sisters Koko appears to be the oldest, though less serious about things. She often spends her time just going out to have fun or traveling, instead of staying in. She may also be a flirt or enjoy romance in general.

While she may not really focus on much so that she can have fun, it's possible Koko is covering up her side of the families secret - the fact they are jewel thieves. 


Koko wears a black suit with a low-cut front with a skirt ending mid-leg. She has a small white lapel and wears a black pair of heels and choker. Her sunglasses are red with black lenses. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
What i want (euro Mix) T.R.S. (The Richie Sisters) Euro Queen PM2


Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Normal - Appears to resemble Chanel's but faster.
  • Great - Taps her foot and waves her arm.
  • Bad - Crosses her arms
  • Full Gauge - she can be seen holding a whip. 


  • Her profile listed name is Coco. 
  • She, Chanel, and Elle are the first pair of triplets in the series. 
  • Originally Koko had brown hair like Chanel, while she wore a suit top with tight capri pants.
  • While Koko's hair in art appears golden-orange, in the game it's pale yellow. Her sunglass lense are also blue, not black.