Jun & Shingo
Jyun & Shingo
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday September 14th (Jun), August 14th (Shingo)
Birthplace Japan
Likes Music
Dislikes Jun dislikes street musicians who break rules. Shingo dislikes being around Drunks
Hobbies Singing
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 4

  Jun and Shingo are a duo introduced in Pop'n Music 4


Physical AppearanceEdit

Jun is a tanned male with big bright brown eyes. He wears a beige hat on his head, so it is unclear if he has any hair or what color it may be.

Shingo is fair skinned with big black eyes and spiked messy orange hair. He wears a single earring in his left ear. 


A couple of street performers who perform three times a week. They're popular enough that many girls come to see them, but their official debut is unknown. 


Jun wears a white jacket with a beige-brown lapel over a brown shirt and dark blue denim pants. His hat is gray-beige with a dark gray strap, and he has on a pair of blue and white shoes. 

Shingo wears a pale cream and dark blue sports jacket with light blue denim pants with a single tear in the right leg. His shoes resemble Jun's. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Please Change the time Teenage Baba Kazuyoshi Folk Teen PM4



  • Jun and Shingo may be based on real people.
  • This is the third male duo group in the series, but only the second group with both members as one character.