Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday July 3rd
Birthplace California
Likes Moving her body, Sushi, Skating, Pasta
Dislikes Dried or Pickled Plum
Hobbies Dance, Inline Skating
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Judy is a character in Pop'n Music. Since her debut in the first game she has gone on to become a popular character in the series and makes many appearances. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Judy is a teenage girl (possibly young adult) with fair-skin and big, dark blue eyes. She has medium-length blonde hair. 


Judy is the cute and upbeat, friend and rival of Mary and AYA. They all share a passion for dance and will usually perform together or against one-another at the PoppHyers Lounge. They sometimes hang out around town doing other activities, and like any true Californian girl, Judy loves to surf and go to the beach. 

Judy had paid Japan a visit and was randomly discovered by a talent agent. She was very happy with such an offer that she was unable to refuse, despite not knowing Japanese at the time. In order to pay for her living, she has began to babysit, as she did in the past before moving. 

Since befriending AYA, she has been getting Japanese lessons. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Originally Judy wore a black tube top with baggy red pants with a white stripe on each side. Her sneakers are black and white. She has piercings in her belly button and ears, both of which were silver, and her bracelet is pink.

In an image Judy was depicted with a dark blue top worn with a dull gray-green jacket with orange neck with fur trim and a small american flag on the arm. She also wore red denim pants and brown boots. 

Pop'n Music 2Edit

In this game Judy's hair appears to have slightly lengthened. She wears a black tank top with plain red pants while her sneakers gained more detailing. Her bracelet is light blue and she wears a dark blue jacket around her waist. 

Pop'n Music 3Edit

Judy wears an outfit like Mary's. Her's consists of a black and white T-shirt with a star at the center. Her pants are blue with a single white stripe going down each side, while her sneakers were kept from prior titles. She wears a green bracelet on her wrist. Here her hair has shortened slightly. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

This new outfit consists of a blue and dark blue striped tank top with black denim pants, and blue and white shoes. She has pearl earrings and wears a dark blue watch. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Here Judy wears a red tank top with a window cut out between the chest and neck. She has denim pants with her normal sneakers and a red belt with part of it hanging off of the side. Her earrings are sky blue. 

Judy's recolor has cyan eyes and sandy-blonde hair. The red parts of her outfit are black, while her pants are dark gray and her shoes purple. Her earrings are red. 

Pop'n Music 7Edit

A white tank top with red lining, denim pants, and pink and red rollerskates. She wears white wristbands and a white and red-themed visor. 

Pop'n Music 8Edit

Judy has chosen to ditch her red and blues for black and orange. She gains a black tube top that ends just below her chest. She has black pants with a single orange line going down each leg, and a black, diagonal cut skirt with orange lining and straps hanging from it. On each wrist is an orange wristband. She wore white sneakers with cyan bottoms. Her jewelry is the same. 

Pop'n Music 9 Edit

Judy has kept the black color scheme and wears a tank top with a scarf-piece attached to the neck, along with denim pants with red pockets, tennis shoes, and a single black sleeve for her left arm. She has taken off her earrings, while her bangs show three forelocks instead of the usual two. 

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Here Judy has picked a lighter outfit composed of a pink and white gradient bikini top with a hot pink ribbon tied around her neck. She wears baggy turqoise pants with red and white sneakers to match the single red bracelet. She has her earrings again and is wearing a gold belly button ring. 

Pop'n Music 13Edit

A white bikini-top with a single sleeve and a pair of pale brown denim pants with a purple belt. Her sneakers are dark blue-black with white bottoms, matching her wrist accessory. Around her neck is a string with a single gold gem attached to it, to match her belly-button ring. Her hair appears slightly longer and she wears it with a dark blue cap.

Pop'n StageEdit

Here Judy wore a black tank top with writing on it. Along with a black upper arm-sleeve, wrist watch, blue jeans with a white star on the corner, and black sneakers. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Hi-Tekno Hi-Tekno Dance PM1
LOVE FIRE Nagasawa Yurika Idol Girl PM2
ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE Magokoro Brothers Summer PM3
Tomeina Manicure (Transparent Manicure) Kiyommi + Seiya Night Out PM4
Junai Surrender (Pure Love Surrender) Chops Surf Rock PM7
STARS*** TЁЯRA Hyper J-Pop PM8
North Wind1/6 Billionth TЁЯRA Hyper J-Pop 2, Hyper J-Pop 3  PM9
frost Megumi Happy J-Euro PM11
Spring Comes Around Sota Fujimori Happy J Vogue PM13
together 4ever Sota Fujimori feat. Yoshiko Garage House PM15
Run To You Sota Fujimori feat Runa New Rave Pop PM16
will NAOKI Hottest Party PM17
~Timeless~ TAG NEXT MORE J-Next Pop PM19
connectInto UR HeartSmiling Kuma feat. Ankai Hitsuji, Sota Fujimori feat. Yoshiko, Sota Fujimori feat. Nagisa Node Trance, EDM, Trick Pop Pop'n Music Sunny Park
LOVE FIRE, Tomeina Manicure, Pink Rose, and Tomeina Manicure Moonlit Mix Nagasawa Yurika, Kiyommi + Seiya, ___. Pop'n Music Best Hits


Pop'n Music 1Edit

  • Normal - Dances like Mary
  • Losing/Doing Bad - Makes a cute, sad expression while poking her cheek
  • Turns her back to the camera to dance
  • Triple Spin

Pop'n Music 2Edit

  • Normal - Same dance as PM1
  • Great - Spin jumps twice, then points.
  • Good - A single spin jump.
  • Bad - She makes the same sad expression from PM1, while tiny Nakajima-san's float on top of her.
  • When the gauge is full she turns to the back and dances.

Pop'n Music 3Edit


  • From the Character Roster, Judy is the first human from the USA. 
  • Kate is a Judy fangirl, but it is unknown if Judy has met her yet.
  • Originally, Judy was to be a brunette.
  • Other then Nyami and Mimi, Judy has the most songs in Pop'n Music Best Hits.
  • According to her background image in Pop'n Music 1, JUDY happens to stand for "Jammin' Up here, Dance You."
  • It is suspected that Judy and Mary's name's were inspired by the Japanese band, JUDY AND MARY.
  • In the Asian English version of Pop'n music 1, her song title is changed to "Hi-Techno".