Jitsu/2st was another member of Miracle 4 to have been brought in as a seperate character, along with Force. His
song is titled "Arrabbiata" by Kai Reven-G. The theme is Cyber Arabian.


Jitsu is a spiteful person who often gets into trouble or causes trouble to those around him. It is rumored he has lost one of his hands due to getting in trouble with the arabian's. He has joined Miracle 4 in hopes of becoming less spiteful of people.

He seems to be connected to one of the members of Miracle 4, Uno.

Home Town: Saudi Arabia




Songs ListEdit

  • PM10: Arrabbiata


2st/Jitsu is a bright tan-yellow skinned boy with seemingly brown eyes that appear red most of the time. He is often shown grinning or with a smirk. He wears a pink-purple outfit with un-even coloring. He seems to also have gray pants and shoes on, and wears a giant white scarf/wrap around his head and neck.




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