Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Feeding his Dog, Latin Things
Dislikes Talking to Tall People, Heights
Hobbies Taking relaxing trips
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 Ice is a player character who first appears in Pop'n Music 3 in Pop'n 2 Mode.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Ice is a pale-skinned young man who is known for being short for his age. He has big brown eyes and pale yellow hair with many spiked bangs and short hair that sticks up on the edges. 


With dreams of becoming a popular musician, Ice is a cute young man who has performed with Sholl Kee and Timer for a while. Most of his work is done solo, however, and he has not been considering any collaborations. 

He is very relaxed and usually spends his time traveling the world with his beloved pet dog, or working on composing music. Surprisingly, he is implied to be unhappy over his short stature.


Pop'n Music 3Edit

Ice wore a red suit top with two single buttons at the middle on top of a white shirt and blue tie. His pants are white, while his shoes are teal in color. He carries a dark blue shoulder keyboard. 

Pop'n Music 4Edit

Ice wears a dark red suit top with a white raised collar and a hot pink ribbon held by a small gold medallion. His pants are a light beige, while his shoes are now brown. 

Pop'n Music 13Edit

In this game, Ice seems to have grown a little since his last appearance. His hair is slightly longer on the ends and he has gained a small cowlick.

Ice wears a very pale blue jacket accented by dark and royal blue and cuffs of white. His pants are split into two colors; with the right leg dark indigo and the left white, around the center is a thick band of the other color. His boots are dark indigo with pale grey bottoms. His shoulder keyboard is bright blue with a purple tint. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Ostin-Art Ostin-Art Future PM4
Ostin-Art Ostin-Art Future PMBH
Get Wild NMR Get Wild Pm13


Pop'n Music 3Edit

  • Normal - Dances while holding his instrument.
  • Great - Walks horizontally
  • Good - Turns back, then turns his head sideways. 
  • Bad - He can be seen under Timer's umbrella. 
  • Full Gauge - He slams the shoulder keyboard on the floor. 

Pop'n Music  4Edit

Pop'n Music Best HitsEdit

Pop'n Music 13Edit


  • In PM3, on the very best Poppers Ranking screen, Ice appears. 
  • His color palette in PM3 is based on the color palette of the character originally attached to the song he was given. 
  • In Fever Pop, Ice's name was shown as Shinsuko. 
  • Ice is the second character to play the Shoulder Keyboard. 
  • Ice resembles that of a Shota