Hugh 10
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Ireland
Likes Fixing Bikes by Himself
Dislikes Sweets
Hobbies Motor Sports
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 9

Hugh is one of the bonus characters present in Pop'n Music 9.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Hugh is a pale skinned young man, most-likely a teenager or young adult. He has very pale, ice blue eyes and dark, dull blue spiked hair. He has multiple silver piercings in each ear.


A cool, older-brother type amongst others. He has a great reputation regarding his repair work and enjoys motorcycles a great deal. Lately it is rumored that he has been exploring a mischevious side.


PM9 and PM10Edit

In both games Hugh looks the same. He wears a dark red T-shirt with a white collar and baggy, loose dark denim pants. His shoes are grey sneakers or boots, and on his left wrist he has a blue sweatband.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Lazy Girl KMJ Taro Beat Rock PM9
Wish Yuichi Oura Beat Rock 2 PM10
Passion Girl Tequila Dance PM13




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