Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Fan Letters
Dislikes Colds
Hobbies Playing with her Dog, Picnics
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Hotaru is a Pop'n Music Character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Hotaru is a slightly tanned girl with deep blue eyes and long brown hair that appears to be wavy-curled along the bottom, while her bangs are straight cut. 


Hotaru is a polite girl who is part of a popular singing troupe. She is very famous, but sweet to everyone. She adores her dog and enjoys taking things easy when she isn't spending her time practicing. 



Originally Hotaru wore a white blouse under a red corset tank top. Her light blue skirt was some inches above her knee with white ruffles and skirt apron attached. She wore red flats with brown and sky blue designs on top, giving it a resemble to a pair of cowboy boots, and on her head was a bright, ice blue head scarf. 


Hotaru wears a bright red sweater with a white collar and a long, midnight-blue skirt with a white skirt apron on top of it. Her boots are pale beige with brown bottoms. On her head is a sky blue and cyan hat. 

Recolored Hotaru has lighter skin and the same eyes. Her hair turns cyan in color, while her top and skirt become a very dark blue color. Her boots are red to match her pink and magenta hat. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Musical "5-chrome monogatari" yori Overture Nya~n & his Orchestra Musical Stage
Musical "5-chrome monogatari" yori Overture  Nya~n & his Orchestra Musical PM5



  • A character who originated as her recolor was introduced in PM5, Clara. She was designed to resemble Hotaru's original look.