Character Information
Gender Transwoman
Species Human
Likes Flowers
Dislikes Cellphones
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 8

 Honey is a Pop'n Music character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Honey is a tall, fair-pale skinned beauty with a feminine frame, most-likely a young adult or teenager. She has big brown eyes with one often covered by her long, bright yellow bangs. Her lips are dark pink and she has a small beauty mark below her left eye. Her hair is worn straight down with a small amount of it pulled up at the back. 


The Queen Songstress with plenty of sex appeal and bewitching charm. She is the older sister of someone in the neighborhood. 

She enjoys visiting Paris and is known to be a "Ms. Drama Queen". 

Appearance Edit


Honey originally wore a dark peach dress with a bell-flower shaped skirt that has white seed-shaped pieces attached to the skirt. On each wrist is a pearl bracelet to match her white droplet-shaped earrings. Around her neck is a black feathery boa with bright flowers adorning it, matching the hot pink flower on the left of her head and the bright purple flower on the right. Her shoes are simple black heels with a white ball attached to each shoe.  

PM10 Edit

Honey physically looks the same but it seen with purple eyeshadow and fluffy, puffed up hair. She wears a purple dress with a flower-shaped skirt, short white gloves, a sky blue wrap around her shoulders, and white heels with purple around the foot insertion. Her earrings are the same and he has a pearl necklace on. Her hair piece is a small purple hat with black webbing attached to the bottom and a tiny daisy sticking out of the top. 


Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
HONEY-BEE Anettai Maji-SKA Bakudan feat. MAKI Showa Waltz PM8
Omoide no Pari-sai (Paris Festival memories) Soirée Chanson PM10
Miserarete ~ Ehge-umi no Theme

(Enchanted ~ Theme of Aegean Sea)


(original artist: Judy Ongg)

Aegean PM14



  • Honey is the first transgender character in the series.  





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