Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Japan
Likes Magical Megu, Lace Curtains
Dislikes Centipedes, Being treated like a Lady
Hobbies La Crosse, Playing the Flute
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 Hitomi Saionji appears in Pop'n Music 3 during Megumi's BAD animation. However, she is not available as a playable or rival character.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Hitomi is a tan-skinned girl attending Middle School. She seems to share few similarities with Megumi in terms of appearance, but is seen taller then her outside of her profile image. She has big, dark blue eyes and curly lavender hair worn with a black headband.  


Hitomi is the Moderate Madonna due to her impressive appearance and talents. She loves to spend her time chatting with her friends and feeling the gave of her crush, but only sometimes. 

While she may be a young girl in love and have a classy-nature, she doesn't really like to be treated as such, which may imply that she gets treated like this a lot, or simply likes those who don't care very much for her status.


Hitomi wears a sapphire dress with white ruffles lining the bottom, a white collar, and a long white ribbon that ties around her waist. Her shoes are simple dark blue heels with short white socks. 


Pop'n Music 3 (Chara: Megumi)Edit

  • When Megumi does bad her crush is seen with Hitomi, and Megumi is seen crying on the window.


  • Hitomi is the Japanese word for 'eyes', more specifically the 'pupils'. It could also mean "benevolent", "beautiful person", "one beauty", etc. depending on the kanji used.
    • In this case, her kanji stands for "beautiful person".




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