Hikari Nijino
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Hobbies Karaoke
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 13

Hikari Nijino is a new character who appears in Pop'n Music 13.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Hikari is a young idol with large purple eyes. She wears a light blue pair of sunglasses over her eyes with a red heart covering each ear, with the right heart holding a purple mouth piece. Her hair is pale pink with straight cut bangs covering the left side of her forehead. Her pigtails are short and come in pale blue, yellow, and pale pink.


Hikari is an enthusiastic girl who believes listening to her songs can make others happy & healthy.



Hikari wears a pale blue tank-top with a yellow collar and white straps. Her skirt is a white tutu with pale pink hearts on it. She wears a pair of pale blue stockings with white boots that have pale blue bottoms and a red toe. She wears a single gold bracelet.

Songs ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Nijiiro (Rainbow-colored) Dj Yoshitaka feat. GSC Liscense Lovely Trans-Pop PM13



  • She's part of a girl group with Mirai Yumeno and Sora Hoshino.





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