Character Information
Gender Male
Species Turkey
Birthplace Russia
Likes Family, especially Anya
Hobbies Playing house with Anya, collecting rare candy
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

 Hamanov is a Pop'n Music character who appears in the CS version of the first Pop'n Music. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Hamanov is a yellow turkey with white hair and eyebrows. He has an orange beak and small glasses covered with a pair of black sunglasses. 


Hamanov may seem really scary and intimidating, but he hides a mischievious side to him. He loves his grandaughter Anya and seems very happy or at ease when he's with her. 


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Hamanov wore a simple black tuxedo with a burnt-orange bowtie and point-toe shoes. His belt is pale gray.

Pop'n Music 5/6Edit

In both games Hamanov remains the same. 

Pop'n Music 10Edit

Now Hamanov is a pink-skinned turkey with his beak bright orange. He wears a pale blue-gray tuxedo with white undershirt and red bowtie. 

There is a version of him in the game where he looks like his normal form.

Pop'n Music 11Edit

Hamanov appears to be the same as he did prior to PM10. However, he is seen from the front instead of from the side.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Chaos Age Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic PM1
R.C. Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 2 PM2
Dynamics Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 3 PM3
Concertare Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 4 PM4
Step in Space Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 5 PM5
Maritare! Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 6 PM6
The tyrp's reverie Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 7 PM7
Line Times Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 8  PM8
Hell? or Heaven? Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 9 PM9
Doll's SightSweets * Instrumental Waldeus Von Dovjak, Private States Classic 10, Precious Enchore PM10
Omoide wo Arigatou (Thanks for the memories) Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 11 PM11
Concertare Waldeus Von Dovjak Classic 4 PMBH







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