George and Eva
George and Eva
Character Information
Gender Male and Female
Species Aliens
Birthplace Near the Cygnus
Likes Bus
Dislikes Hot Water
Hobbies Space Walk (George), Making Crop Circles (Eva)
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 6

 George and Eva are characters released in the home console version of PM6.


Physical AppearanceEdit

George is a short figure with lavender skin and short pale brown hair. His eyes are seen shut in almost all situations and he has blue cone-shaped objects on each side of his head. 

Eva is a pale yellow skinned girl with doll-like eyes. She has blonde hair in a short style with minor flip on the bottom and a red bow on each sideof her head. A cyan antennae sticks out from the center of her head. 


George and Eva work on accumulating funds by performing dances in order to use the newly found money for something.



George wears a pale yellow body outfit with three tiny pale green buttons on the torso. He wears a mostly-opened black jacket on top of it with a white collar.

Eva wears a sky blue body outfit with long sleeves ending by her wrist. On top of the outfit she wears a pale fuchsia tutu-dress with a red band around the center. 


Here, George has paler skin than last time and his brown hair is a little messy. He wears a very dark blue tuxedo with white under shirt to match his shoes. At his neck is a red bowtie with a spiked red cape behind his back. Two cyan buttons are on the torso of his outfit.  Eva keeps her sky blue body outfit his it has become paler, as has her skin. Her hair is longer and worn in a single curly pigtail with a red ruffled pieceo f material to match her dress. The skirt is spiked into four sections with a thin dark blue band below her chest. She wears very long red gloves. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Our Story ~Stories~ Miu ~ Miyu Dramatic CSPM6
~Hysteric Rhondo~ Dances Dressed Miu ~ Myu Rondo PM7







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