Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace France
Likes Dancing, Her Sisters
Dislikes Fatty Foods with High Calories
Hobbies Painting, Writing in her Diary
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 4

 Elle is a character in Pop'n Music. She is the little sister of Chanel and Koko.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Elle is a tan-skinned girl with eyes hidden by a pair of white sunglasses with hot pink lense. She has short sunny-orange hair with a very tiny flip at the bottom and two bangs of uneven length. 


Currently apartment hunting with Chanel, Elle used to study photography in foreign countries. In her spare time she enjoys writing in her journal and is somewhat self-conscious as she often goes on diets and always watches what she eats. She admires her older sisters. 



A short, hot pink dress with sleeves ending below her elbow and a low neckline to show her curves. Below her chest is a thin purple belt. Like Chanel she wears tall white knee-length boots. 

PM8 and PM9Edit

Here Elle's physical appearance remains unchanged, except for her hair, which seems to have gained a bit more shape to it. She wears a white loose blouse with long-sleeves and a low neckline, knotting part of the material at the lower left corner. She has a short hot pink skirt to match her choker, and her white boots gain pale pink bottoms and top. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
WE TWO ARE ONE Lala Moore Super Euro PM4
spring 2 Days City Pop/Pop City PM8
we two are one Lala Moore Super Euro Long PM9



  • Ironically as the youngest sibling, Elle has the most revealing outfits.
  • Her official profile list her name as El.
  • Elle's beta design's originally matched her sisters. She had long curled hair and wore big blue and pink sunglasses with a light top, long fold skirt, and green heels.
  • Elle's name is theorized to come from the el, in Chanel. 
  • Although she is the youngest, she happens to resemble her eldest sister, Koko, more than Chanel. This would imply they both gained their looks from the same parent.