English e-motion
Tomomi Ohta
Game Information
Theme RAVE
Artist e.o.s
Character Rave Girl
Song Information
BPM 145
Length 1:09
First Appearance
Game beatmania
CD Information
Album none.

Lyrics Edit


Song Connections / Remixes Edit

  • A slight mix of e-motion, titled e-motion (2nd MIX), appears in beatmania 2ndMIX. This version is used in the pop'n music series, where it is simply displayed as e-motion.
  • A remix of e-motion by dj TAKA, known as e-motion (ROMANTIC STYLE), appears in beatmania CORE REMIX.
    • Yet another remix by dj TAKA appears in beatmania IIDX 9th style, known as e-motion 2003 -romantic extra-.
  • An extended version of e-motion, titled e-motion beatmania-DA!! Special Version, can be found in beatmania打!! and beatmania打打打!!.
    • A different extended version of e-motion (2nd MIX), titled e-motion (2nd MIX) beatmania-DA!! Special Version, can also be found in beatmania BEST打!! and beatmania打打打!!.

Trivia Edit

  • e-motion marks the first appearance of Tomomi Ohta in BEMANI.
  • e-motion was misspelt as e~emotion in the first beatmania.
  • e-motion is the first BEMANI crossover in pop'n music.
  • Currently, e-motion is the only song in pop'n music's BEMANI Category that doesn't have a HYPER chart.
    • It's also the shortest playable song in the entire arcade pop'n music series.
  • In pop'n music, e-motion was originally a secret unlock. In pop'n music 2, it was knocked down to a Second Stage song. From pop'n music 9 onward, the song is playable on all stages.
  • e.o.s means "emotion of sound".

Music Comment Edit

Refreshing excitement with this great hit!

Song Production Information Edit

As for the idea of hidden songs, that came out simple, "use a beatmania song".

"But Pop'n is Pop'n, and shouldn't have a hint of beatmania, should it?" I pushed this, but eventually the idea got employed under some circumstances...

This was used as a secret song in beatmania, and now it will be used again as a secret song!! (Laughing)

Please try to enjoy a little bit different gameplay style, to some people who know the original song.

Difficulty & Notecounts Edit

Gallery Edit

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