Dr. Flask is a character who first appeared in Pop'n Music 17. In the past, he was an Earl with his hopes set on gaining eternal life. At some point, however, he was somehow doomed to have a flask for a head and ride in a wheelchair for the rest of his days, possibly because of his cursed mansion. His song is titled "Treasure Hoard" by Joker F.

Personality Edit

With an admirable tenacity to live, Dr. Flask could be described as a commendable fellow. However, he has an and insatiable greed which is apparent because of his affinity for treasure and his desire to live forever. Other memorable traits are his seemingly boundless energy and most importantly, his eccentricity.

Likes: treasure, conducting experiments, and solitude

Dislikes: ??

Song List Edit

  • PM17: Treasure Hoard

Appearance Edit

Dr. flask

Dr. Flask is a gentleman with a flask for a head, which is capped with a grey top hat. He wears a blue coat with yellow embellishments, a white ascot, grey trousers, and white shoes.

Trivia Edit

Before possessing a flask for a head, Dr. Flask used to have a regular human head, as shown below.

Human dr. flask


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