Character Information
Gender Male
Species Dinosaur
Birthday March 1st
Birthplace Fairytale Land
Likes Sweet Candies, His Teacher
Dislikes Dentists, Homework
Hobbies Video Games
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

Dino is a character in Pop'n Music. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Dino is a big green baby dinosaur with small red eyes. He has spots and spikes of orange along his body and a creamy-yellow muzzle. 


Dino claims to be the prince of Fairytale-Land. Dino loves to play television games and the series Beatmania. During the events on PM6, it claims its his birthday and as such. He gets to lead the parade being held today and people are lining up all over the country to see this~!


Pop'n Music 6Edit

Dino's orange body markings became yellow. He wears a gold crown with a shaped spade in the center, along with a red vest with a gold and purple bow on the chest, connected to a pink cape with fur trim. He is seen holding a stick with a diamond on the end. 

Song ListEdit

Name Artist Theme Game
monde des songe Bikke Fantasy PM1
Marshmallow March Mario Rin's Marching PM6



  • Dino resembles a dragon and can even breath fire. But he is actually a baby dinosaur and lacks wings.
  • Dino makes a small cameo in Yuli's fever win animation in PM8, Dino can be seen flying carrying Ash in a purse, which is a direct contradiction to the fact that he's flightless.
  • Dino's teacher is revealed to be Mrs. Wilson in the home release version of Pop'n Music.