Captain Super Pop
Super Pop
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace India, Yokohama Prefecture
Likes Place of Birth, his Wife
Dislikes Father of his Wife
Hobbies Travel
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 Captain Super Pop is a Pop'n Music character.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Captain Super Pop is an adult man with a big chin and nose. His eyes are covered by a pair of dark blue sunglasses.


Pop'n self-styled superhero with cool, catchy music. He's been to everywhere and lives in a Noodle shop as a worker, but not when attending to hero duties. 


Captain Super Pop wears a single-pieced red body suit with big ears on the top resembling that of a mouse. On his chest is a goldenrod circle with an arrow connected to the bottom. Inside of the circle is blue coloring with a white SP on it. Attached to each shoulder is a gold circled attachement to hold his long flowing white cape. His boots and gloves are white. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Bokutachi no Keikaku SUPER SLUMP Super Pop PM3






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