Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human-Bee
Birthplace Fairytale Land
Likes Honey, Fun things
Dislikes Rain, Bug Spray, Bug Baskets
Hobbies Singing, Collecting Flowers
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 Candy is a Pop'n Music character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Candy is a little human bee with large sunshine-orange eyes and puffy light purple hair. She has an orange stinger with a single stripe of blue around it, and a pair of bright blue antennae. She also has small insect wings and in place of ears are yellow coverings with bright blue tip. 


Spending her days in the Flower Gardens, Candy is carefree and sweet. She spends all day singing without a care in the world, and her voice is known to make even the hardest of hearts calm and soften. 


Candy wears a one piece yellow outfit with no sleeves and a white frilly neck. On each foot, the coloring is bright blue with sunshine-orange bottom. She wears a purple bracelet. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
PEPPERMINT Yuko Asai Project (Vo: M. Fujino) Heartful PM3
Otenki to Chocolate (Heaven and Chocolate) Parquets Mode PM7



  • The vocalist in the song PEPPERMINT is Manami Fujino, who is also the vocalist in the two-person musical group, Parquets (Pakittsu).