Blond Boy
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Hong Kong/England/United Kingdom
Hobbies Collecting Games
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 1

 Boy is a character in Pop'n Music. He first appeared in the CS version of the first game. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

Boy is a young man with pale-fair skin. He is always depicted in a suit with a pair of 3D glasses to cover his eyes. He has a short cut inspired by the "bowl cut" and it is often blonde or orange. 


Boy is a video-game addict who spends his time making arcade machine games. He collects games from all over the world and has only just began to grow aware of his self-proclaimed rival, Sylvie.


Pop'n Music 1Edit

Boy wears a red suit with a pale orange collar and burnt-orange shoes. 

Pop'n Music 5Edit

Here, Boy appears the same as he did in PM1. However his colors have been changed. His hair is light orange while he wears a gray suit and black shoes. 

Pop'n Music 6Edit

His hair is bright carrot in color. He wears an orange suit with a pair of purple shoes. 

His alternate coloring is an orange suit with red shoes and light blue hair. 


Here, Boy has become blonde again. He wears an outfit giving him a 3Dish design and has pale skin. He wears plain black shoes. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Water Melon Woman NAKATEK Techno '80 PM1
PULSE 319 Funny PM2
penguin NAKATEK Dreamy PM3
Landmark NAKATEK News PM5
SunlightSeal (alternate song) Skinpei, NAKATEK Pop Beats, Mind PM6
Penguin, Water Melon Woman NAKATEK Dreamy, Techno '80 PMBH



  • There is another character who resembles Boy and appears in Pop'n Music GB named Kid.
    • As they look similar, Boy, Kid, and Sylvie share the same animations.