Bomber first appeared in Pop'n stage as a playable character and a secret rival character as well. His song is I'm On
M bomber

The family pig

Fire by AD/DA and the theme is Heavy Metal.


A biker pig who is a family dad at home. He rides a motorcycle when he goes on journeys alone from time to time. But he doesn't forget to always carry a picture of his family.

  • Birthplace: America (Chicago)
  • Hobbies: Parenting
  • Likes: Bike (Harley-Davidson)
  • Dislikes: Anything sweet

Song ListEdit

  • Pop'n Stage: I'm on fire


A pink heavy set pig with short blond hair and a bright pink nose. He wears black sunglasses with red lenses, a silver dog tag necklace, golden nipple rings, a spike bracelet, and black pants ripped at the bottom with bright blue overal straps, socks, and brown shoes. He has a tattoo that spells "DE[A]TH".



  • He has a recolor character from the same game named Fat Boy.


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