Character Information
Gender Male
Species Frog
Birthplace China?
Likes Tadpoles, protein
Dislikes Accidental discharge of his jet
Hobbies Any sport, challenging any limits he can!
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 12

Bengbeng is a frog appearing in Pop'n Music 12 with the song "One shot reversal! x x Happy Battle Athletes of full!" by P-4 Laboratory. The theme is Athletic Meet.


Bengbeng is a super athlete that is full of energy. So much that it's only a matter of time that the entire world will be in the stadiums watching him!

Dislikes: .

Songs ListEdit

  • One shot reversal! x x Happy Battle Athletes of full!


Bengbeng is a small, pale green frog that wears a dull red, translucent object over his pale blue-gray eyes. It has two small bubble-like pieces on each side. He wears a red tank top with white buttons and a yellow neck, he also has dull gray-green shorts, red socks, and pure white shoes. On his back he wears a black jet pack.




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