Character Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace France
Likes Caramel <3, Sips of Coffee
Dislikes The expenses of Cat Medicine
Hobbies Photography
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 5

 Belle is a Pop'n Music Character. She is friends with Sanae-Chan and Rie-chan.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Belle is a pale girl with big, dark emerald-colored eyes. She has long, pale blonde hair that reaches her chest and appears very smooth. 


Belle has come from France to Japan to study and take sight pictures and travel. She loves cats and used books, and is very kind and gentle. She comes off as a mature girl with a classy taste. She returned to France in PnM 9.



Belle wears a bright red sweater with a pink, orange, yellow, and blue skirt. She has on black shoes worn with tall hot pink stockings. She is seen holding a tiny black cat. 

In recolor form, Belle has black hair and blue eyes. Her top is black, as are her stockings and shoes. Her skirt is now dark gray, gray, gray-white, and white. Her kitten is white. 


Here, Belle is seen with slightly shorter hair worn with a red flower. She wears a white sundress with cyan spots all over the skirt portion, along with a pair of beige sandals. The black cat originally depicted with her is still there, but appears to be bigger and wearing a red collar. 


Belle now wears a hat, is taller with longer hair, and wears a black shirt and a multicolored skirt.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Une fille dans la plue (A Girl in the Rain) Araya Sanae French Pop PM5 and PMBH
Coquette Sakurai Yasushi feat. Saori PM9
La Brise d'Ete Orange Lounge ee'Mall 2nd Avenue (PM15)



  • Originally Belle was to be a bit older and was seen holding a thin smoking pipe.