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BIT had his first appearance in Pop'n music 19. His music is 断罪 プラズマ (danzai plasma) from the Artist 积 田晋平 (Shinpei tsumita) ​​whose genre is Cyber metal. Later, the character came back in Sunny Park, using the same animation but in 2P colors, on the song ATTRACTION! by 96.


By the interests in japanese games and animes in overall, BIT seems to be a geek and a nerd. Your official character concept is a player of a virtual game called "laser tag". He also is a middle school student. Shion (her designer) wanted to do a very imperative,energetic and naughty young boy.

  • Birthday: August, 16
  • Birthplace: Cupertino, California
  • hobby: games in general
  • Favorite things: Japanese animation
  • Hate: server down


BIT has a pale skin color and wear a blue hoodie and some gears that are used in laser tag games. His hoodie has two horns, a camouflage that look like purples and blue bears and in the right arm you can see the number "96" in white (because the artist 96 is the responsable for the lyrics, arrangement and composition of his song). He also wear green neon boots and a helmet that has two kanjis that means North and central (北中). the googles are purple where the left eye is pink and the right is blue with a target. And finally, he carries a black bag and holds a black gun with a string. his haircut and color are unknown.

In the 2P colors the blue hoodie is green and the green neon helmet and boots are yellow. The black shorts is now light brown.


  • NEUTRAL: Bit jumps to left and right
  • GOOD: He sits on the floor facing the right side, shoot and jumps back to standing.
  • GREAT: same as good.
  • FEVER: he jumps to the right leaning on a wall and hold the top of the frame giving several shoots.
  • MISS: he try to escape from the laser shoots jumping to back.
  • WIN: he aim his gun with a big powerfull light.
  • FEVER WIN: same as the win animation but, you can see some little "virtual frames".
  • LOSE: Bit is hit, causing the right side of his goggles to brake as his helmet becomes fully visible and a banner with a "x" appears.


  • Bit's design was probably inspired by the character that appears in the music "logical dash" from beatmania 5th mix.
  • He's not the only character who is a laser tag player. There is also Cosine (pop'n music 14 FEVER!). In the new set of cards announced in sunny park, Bit appears with Cosine on the card "Future Eletric survivor".
  • Few people seem to realize it, but a curiosity is the fact that bit is left handed.


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