Character Information
Gender Male
Species Werewolf
Birthplace Fairytale Land
Likes Howling, Band Practice, Taking Walks
Dislikes Dog Food, Onions, Rude or No-Mannere People
Hobbies Cooking
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 3

 Ash is a pop'n music character. He is in a band with Yuli and Smile.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Ash is a brown werewolf with a tiny brown button nose and pointed ears. He is often seen with his mouth opened and his eyes are covered by his spiked green hair.

His beast form resembles a brown dog.


While forced into Deuil as a drummer, Ash also happens to have a powerful singing voice and has gained his own fans. No matter how busy he is, he always makes the time to focus on his passion for cooking. He may be strict when it comes to it and the quality, but he loves to think of new recipes. 

Lately he has been working on doing both solo work and cooking research.


PM3 and PM4Edit

Ash wears a long, opened gray coat with a bottom that looks ripped along the edges. The lapel and collar, along with the big cross markings are dark gray. A red armband wraps below his right shoulder, while he has bandaging on each hand. His pants are dark blue denim, while his boots are dark gray with lighter gray accenting. He also wears a lightning bolt necklace and a belly-button ring. 

In PM4, Ash looks the same, other than the colors being darkened. 


Here Ash's skin and hair coloring has lightened. He now wears an opened white work shirt with a lazily put together dark teal tie. His pants are now gray, while his boots and armband remain the same. 

In recolor form, Ash has crimson hair and slightly browned skin. His jacket is dark gray and his pants and boots are now black. His tie is bright red.


Ash wears a long dark blue coat with his hand bandaging, belly-button peircing, and lightning bolt necklace returning. His pants are now black, and his boots are dark gray and black with light gray accenting. Around his waist is a red leather belt. 


Here Ash's hair seems to have lengthened just slightly. He wears a black tanktop with his red armband below the left shoulder and a black bracelet on the right wrist. His pants are dark blue denim that appear ripped on the bottom. He wears plain black boots and kept his belt from his last appearance. Around his neck is a long white scarf with the lightning bolt necklace attached.  


Here Ash wears a casual attire composed of a plain white T-shirt with blue squares on the shoulder and black lines around the sleeves. His blue, baggy denim pants are worn with long black boots with gray toe. He lacks his red armband here (possibly due to trying solo work) and gains a red pair of goggles around his neck and black fingerless gloves. 


Ash's attire looks a bit reminicent of his PM8 attire. He's wearing a black t-shirt that only covers his chest, along with bandaging covering his lower-arm and a yellow scarf. His pants are now dark green with two red belts and his same black boots. His belly-button piercing returns.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Nanka Hen Da! (It Looked Weird) Atsushi Shindo Power Folk PM3
To Break You Atsushi Shindo Power Folk 2 PM4
I Love You - I'll Defend to ProtectSLOW DOWN Atsushi Shindo Power Folk 3, Power Folk 4 PM5, PM5CS
Samurai Syndrome Atsushi Shindo Power Folk 5 PM7
Fashion ~Ver 1~ Atsushi Shindo Power Folk 6 PM8
New Sensation Atsushi Shindo Slash Beats PM9
Nervous Breakdown ~Type Zero~ Atsushi Shindo DigiFolk PM10
To Break You, SLOW DOWN Atsushi Shindo Power Folk 2, Power Folk 4 PMBH



  • His beast form makes him resemble that of a Domestic Dog. While in this form he enjoys leaving Fairytale Land to explore.
  • Ash's name may come from the mix of the first letters of Atsushi Shindo's name.
  • Ash has an habit of adding "Tsu" to his sentences.
  • In an interview, Ash revealed that he has red eyes. But he hides them to avoid scaring others.
    • This means that everyone in Deuil has red eyes. 
  • Due to Atsushi's 5-year contract with Konami expiring, as well an incident involving plagiarism; all of his songs were removed from the AC games, leaving Ash with canonically only one song. Which is Age Beat.
    • Before this, Ash was one of the few characters that had at least one song in every game (including both CS and AC games) following Hamanov.