Character Information
Gender Female
Species Frog
Birthplace Japan
Likes Mascara, Large Ribbons
Dislikes Earthworms
Hobbies Listening to Love Songs
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 2

 Anzu is a character who first appears in the CS version of Pop'n Music 2.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Anzu is a green frog girl who looks to be on the short-side of the height scale. She has big girly eyes and due to a lack of hair, is usually depicted with a large hair bow.  


Originally Anzu was just a fashionable middle school student who was often in the middle of romances and is very perky. She is often given attention from rumors and gossip surrounding her and happens to enjoy it. 

Currently she has reached High School, where she remains fashion oriented and picked up a love for school uniforms. She often spends her time thinking about the boy she may be currently crushing on.  


PM2 and PM6Edit

Anzu wore a simple school uniform composed of a dark blue vest worn on top of a bright yellow long sleeved shirt, a dark raspberry pleated skirt, and matching loafers. On the back of her head was a large pink hair ribbon. 


Anzu's skin is seen to be much lighter here. She wears a gray dress with white cuffs for the sleeve and a single dark cerise line goes around the bottom to match the bow tie and hair ribbon. She also has on a tall pair of brown boots. 

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
Milk went to Mon Hinata Satomura Kids PM6
I'll Reclaim ~again my Lovely Day~ Akko's Cute Remix PMBH



  • Anzu's name is often depicted as Apricot on official websites, as the name Anzu translates to that. 
    • This would later happen to Sumire, whose name is often shown as Violet.





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