She's Alt's replacement from Pop'n Music 19-20. Her songs were Linear Locomotive Love and Does Not Compute. She got a new song called "Airport Shuttle" by Chilt featuring AquesTone in Pop'n Music éclale.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Alt 2.0 looks quite different from the original Alt. Her monitor is white, but with a big black border around the mint-green screen. Also, her pink antenna is attached to a small periwinkle router on the right side of her head. The router has a small black triangle on it. Her headphone-like ear pieces are pink with black ends and white rings surrounding the black parts. She still has orange pigtail hair that flips up on the ends, though. Unlike Alt, she has five-fingered hands. She also has a pink microphone earpiece which she can remove.

In Pop'n Music 20, after Zizz hacked her, her hair became messy and her screen became a corrupted purple with some green on the bottom. Her antenna also became bent, and her router was removed from her head.


Alt 2.0 is a lot like her precursor, because she loves to sing! However, she is more modern than Alt. Zizz seems to have a bit of an attraction to her, and would hack into her in Pop'n Music 20.



She wears a white dress with periwinkle trim on the collar and on the bottom. Also on the dress are the following patterns, all in turquoise: two rectangles on the chest, a line going across the middle, and "targets" on the sides. She also wears a pair of white, short gloves with turquoise trim. On her feet are a pair of tall, turquoise boots with white trim on top, and white lines that become circles on the bottom near her heels. The soles of the boots are black.


Alt 2.0's hacked outfit is composed of a black dress with red trim on the collar and bottom, a red line going across the middle, and two red lines on the sides of the skirt. Also on the dress is a green "no" symbol (🚫). She also wears long black gloves with red diamonds on the backs of her hands, black tights, and red sandals.

In her WIN animation, the dress becomes turquoise and the red parts become white. The "no" symbol is also replaced with a red power button symbol. Her tights turn from black to navy and her sandals become turquoise. Also, the long gloves become white with green diamonds.


Pop'n Music 19Edit

Neutral: Moves her left arm in a conducting motion while dancing.

Great: Winks and points.

Good: Crosses her arms in front of her and sways.

Fever: Talks into a microphone headset while walking.

Miss: With a shocked expression on her face, she spins around in a circle while tapping her feet, then winks and sticks out her tongue.

Lose: Breaks - she jumps, making an expression on her face as if coughing, then her headset breaks and she kneels down while her screen turns gray.

Win: Does the same dance she does in her Good animation on 3 different backgrounds: a front view of the interior of a train car, a side view of the interior of a train car, and a Pop'n Music machine.

Fever Win: Same as Win, but with inverted colors and a plain black background with spinning circles that say "FUTURISTIC LINEAR GIRL" and "FUTURISTIC ALT 2.0" around them.

Pop'n Music 20Edit

Neutral: She appears to be floating in the air.

Good: She turns her head one way, then the other.

Great: She tries to sing and reaches out.

Fever: She clasps her hands and the message "HELP ME" appears surrounding her.

Win: She reverts back to her normal self and conjures up a heart with the message "THANK YOU!"

Lose: Zizz appears.

Miss: She appears to power down, and then she touches her screen and makes Zizz's face appear on it.


  • On her Pugyutto plush doll, the gibberish phrase "INXZIIM ITUVI" is written in the black area on her router.

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