Kanji アルト
Romaji Aruto
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Computer Humanoid
Birthday September 13th
Birthplace Computer Republic
Likes The Start-Up Sound Machines Make
Dislikes Thunder (flat batteries), Water (She'll break), System Errors (makes her nervous)
Hobbies Singing, Practicing Cute Poses
First Appearance
Game Pop'n Music 8

Alt is a Pop'n Music character. 


Physical AppearanceEdit

A pale bodied girl with a white computer head. Her facial screen is sea foam green with large black eyes and a small smile and nose pointing downwards depicted on it. On each side of her head is a pale pink ear piece with one resembling a microphone. On the top of her head is a pale pink antennae. She has medium-long bright orange hair that flips up on end. 


A computer idol ready to make her heartwarming debut. She says "Hi from the Television." Her catchphrase, which doubles as her start-up noise, is "Hello, darling!"


PM8 and PM9Edit

Alt wears a long white dress with a light fuchsia piped ring around the bottom. She has tall white boots and gloves that match it but without the pink ring. She carries a white computer mouse as a purse. 

ee'Mall AltEdit

She wears a green dress, her screen is blue, and her hair is crayon-red. Her ears, antenna, and microphone also become green too. Her bag, gloves, boots, and the arrow keys on her dress remain white.


Same as 8 and 9 but the pink is changed to teal and her screen is black. She also lacks eyes and a nose in this version of herself, and her mouth is white.

Song ListEdit

Song Artist Theme Game
0/1 Angel VCO feat. Alt A.I. Techno PM8
Grandma Computer VCO feat. Alt Grandma A.I. PM9
The Walking Song VCO + Alt A.I. Kids ee'mall 2nd avenue (PM15)
Sumidagawa Summer Love Song seiya-murai feat. Alt A.I. Date Pop PM18


Pop'n Music 8Edit

  • Normal: Bends her knees and moves her arms up & down.
  • Good: Bends her elbows
  • Great: Winks twice, once on each eye. Hearts appear as she winks.
  • Fever: Blows a kiss with both hands.
  • Miss: Makes an angry face then punches herself on the side of her head
  • Win: Blows six kisses, and a large pixel heart appears as she blows each kiss.
  • Fever Win: She smiles, then blows a big kiss as hearts appear and she pouts cutely.
  • Lose: Her screen turns staticky and she slumps over, holding her arm as if in pain. Also, smoke comes out of her.
  • Ojama: She bends her elbows as pixel hearts appear.

Pop'n Music 9/18Edit

  • Normal: Same as 8
  • Good: Winks and a heart appears
  • Great: Blows a kiss with both hands
  • Fever: Winks twice, once on each eye. Hearts appear as she winks.
  • Win: Sings into a microphone
  • Lose: Her screen gets staticky, smoke comes out of her, and Mimi and Nyami vanish.


  • She was replaced with Alt 2.0 in PM19 and 20.
  • Mimi and Nyami appear alongside Alt in her Pop'n Music 9 design.
  • She has appeared in two music videos in the BEMANI game BeatStream, for the songs "Sumidagawa Summer Love Song" and "You and My Music".
  • Alt bears a resemblance to Computress from Dexter's Laboratory.